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Last International tour:
United States & Mexico 2016

Personal Manager:
 Franco Cabello C.
+56 97322 4263

Arak Pacha


Arak Pacha has been created in 1981 far up north of Chile.

The name came out from the Andina Culture of the region where the ArajPacha is the superior world, house of spirits and gods. After a residence in Peru and more than one year living in Guayaquil, Ecuador, the band leaded into Santiago de Chile.

The band is with no doubt one of the most important ones in the musical Chilean History, with more than 35 years of activity, always exploring inside the music, poetry and scenic arts.

Their music has been designated by the Ministry of Education as essential material for the Musical Education at the Schools.

They has never abandoned their fight for the identity and defense of the mother earth, their traditions and history, linking this concepts with the new generations.


1985 – Arak Pacha

1987 – Por los senderos del indio

1989 – Urusa Purkiwa

1992 – Tupac Amaru (como Guamary)

1995 – No se llevaron el sol


1998 – Instrumental

2000 – Con la fuerza del sol (DVD)

2003 – The Very Best Collection EMI

2006 – Inmortal

2011 – Antologia