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Last International tour:
Europe 2018

Personal Manager:
Alejandro Orellana
+56 9 4448 4578

Marinella Colombo
+39 3473903642

Alejandro Orellana
Americas, Asia, Oceania
+56 9 4448 4578

Christian Galvez


«Christian Galvez is a very inventive, sensitive musician who if given the right musical information, can make a modest musical offering into a musical banquet.» Billy Cobham.

«Christian is a bass playing Pat Martino, a great technically wonderful bass player. He belongs in the small group of the young new modern bass geniuses.»  Jeff Berlin

«What can I say about Mr. Christian Galvez,
Other than he is perhaps one of the greatest bass players of our time, Christian have serious music capabilities to play anything and everything’s which is pretty special my eyes. His also a great guy to hang out with.»
Dennis Chambers

“Cristian Galvez is a great musician, not just because of his virtuosity on the bass, but because he’s an excellent composer and improviser. I look forward to hearing his new projects.”
Scott Henderson

Thanks to his original virtuoso style, colorful and musical, where the use of harmony and chords at highest level are a key part of his own language; style that comes close to great geniuses of the «chord melody» as Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, George Benson and Pat Martino.

He’s member of the Masters of Bass with Gary Willis, Dominique di Piazza and Hadrien Feraud, of the Frank Gambale Quartet and recently of Paolo di Sabatino Trace Elements, alongside with drummers as Peter Erskine, Dennis Chambers and Jojo Mayer.

He is currently part of the Billy Cobham Band, touring Europe with the legendary drummer.
Many years has passed since the “Pat Martino of the bass”. At today Galvez is for sure the best bass player in Latin America and makes part of the selected small group of the best bass virtuosos of the planet.


Christian Gálvez (2000 – Bolchevique Records)

Cero (2002 – Bolchevique Records)

Dinámica solista (2004 – Pez)

Christian Gálvez Trío, volumen 1 (2005 – Pez)

América luz (2006 – Pez)

Imaginario (2007 – Pez)

Crisálido (2009 – Pez)• Cinético (2010 – Pez)

Conc. sinfónico N° 1 para bajo y orquesta (2012 – Pez)

Organ kuartet (2014 – Pez)



Live at the Blue Note (2015 – Pez)

Other editions:

Crisálido en vivo (CD + DVD) (2011 – Pez)

Jazz lab 0.1 (2003 – Bolchevique Records)

Proyecto Mono (2005 – Edición independiente)

Relieves de luz (2008 – Edición independiente)

Rumos (2009 – Edición extranjera)

Escuelas de rock. Volumen 15 (2010 – Escuelas de Rock)