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Last International tour:
Asia 2018

Raúl Díaz Ojeda
+56 9 9817 07071

Combo Ginebra


Combo Ginerbra is a Chilean Band working within the Cumbia genre (Dance rythm of Colombian origin) but with an open vision which incorporates other latin rythms such as salsa, merengue, rumba and our Chilean idiosyncracy as expressed in its lyrics.

Combo Ginebra begins its activity in 2004 and has currently published 2 studio records_ «Cumbias de Sangre y oro» (2009) independantly and «El Vacilón» (2012) through the Oveja Negra label.

Since 2006, the band has been key in what came to be known as «La Nueva Cumbia Chilena», dance movement in Santiago´s night life which incited the masses to go out and dance to live bands. In this context it managed to impose, among others, 2 major hits «Pasto Seco» and «Mala de Adentro» which became radio hits allowing them to tour throughout Chile, participating in major festivals up until today.

In 2013 Ginebra won the «Altazor» award, voted by their peers for the song «El Vacilon» from the album of the same name.


2009 – Cumbias de Sangre y Oro (Feria Music)
2012 – El Vacilón (Oveja Negra)


Maria ria (2001)
Y si no fuera (2001)
El conductor (2006)
Medallita (2006)
La escoba (2006)
Lanzaplatos! (2008)
Loca (2008)
Sin Excusas (2009)
Gran Pecador (2009)
Chico de Oro (2009)