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Last International tour:
Korea, Canada 2016

Personal Manager:
Lorena Amarillo
+56 9 90421662

Alejandro Orellana
+56 9 4448 4578

Ernesto Holman


Ernesto Holman, is the Chilean main historical bass player. He has worked in all possible areas since the orchestral double bass into the rock scene along the last 40 years. In the 80´ he was part of the Grupo Congreso, focusing his playing into the jazz fusion and progressive rock.

The “revolution” on his carreer arrives when he decide to start working, the first one in Chile, around the cosmogony and aesthetics of the Mapuche First Nation’s culture. This was the beginning of a 15 years research inside the rhythmic patterns and sonorities of the “kultrún” and the “trutruka” to make what he called “Música de carne y hueso” (Flesh and bone music)

He would never compose again on charts, but only creating from his instrument what was coming out from heart. He released his first 2 abums: Ñamco (2003) and Al vuelo del Ñamco (2005), both dedicated to the Sacred Eagle Icon, followed Mari Tripan-tu (2008), to celebrate his 10 years anniversary living in the Mapuche Community of Kallfulikán, down south of Chile. This album goes deeply into the use of other instrumets such the Trompe, the Wada , and the Kadkawilla, working with Mapuche musicians of the communties. This albums was awarded with the Premio Altazor 2009.

On 2010 he creates the Ernesto Holman Etnojazz Trio, with the aim to express his musical and spiritual vision. The trio starts touring in Chile and Latin America, releasing on 2015 the album “Live in Brazil” The most recent album “De Raíz” (2016) opens definitively the world to the band playing North America and Asia.

A 2018 Canada and Latin America July tour is on his way and October will be the month of an European / Asian tour.



Pájaro sobre las casas (1987 – Auto-edición)
Ñamco (2003 – Fondart)
Pela cables (2005 – Autoedición)
Al vuelo del ñamco (2005 – Autoedición)
Mari tripantu… (diez años…) (2008 – Chile Profundo)
Reversiones (2010 – Autoedición)
En Vivo en Brasil (2015)
De Raíz (2016 – Eroica)

With Congreso

Viaje por la cresta del mundo (1981)
Ha llegado carta (1983)
Pájaros de Arcilla (1984)
25 años de música (1994)